Keys Locked in Car in Maidstone? | Our Auto Locksmiths Explain Why You Should Never Break into Your Vehicle

Accidentally locking your car keys inside the vehicle can be anger-inducing, causing you to go against common sense to try and retrieve them. However, DIY vehicle entry results in damage which will potentially need repairs. There are also other things to consider, such as the time it will take and what your insurance company will think. Consequently, we advise to always call an experienced auto locksmith when you need a safe and efficient solution to keys locked in cars. Our technicians also provide spare keys, replacement car keys and lock repairs for customers in Sidcup, Maidstone and across Kent, meeting all your vehicle key and lock requirements.

Whether you just need vehicle entry or an emergency car key replacement or van key replacement as well, here’s why you should never try to break into your own vehicle:

It’s Harder Than It Looks

We’ve all seen actors in TV shows and films break into cars, and they make it look easy! In reality, it requires a variety of specialist tools and expert knowledge to get around the sophisticated anti-theft technology in modern cars. Without the equipment and skill of our auto locksmiths in Maidstone, you could spend hours trying to gain entry to your vehicle and still not succeed.

Consequently, you should also consider your obligations in the event of keys locked in car; calling a locksmith will make you late for work or other commitments, but not calling us will mean you miss the entire day.

You’ll Damage Your Car

The process of gaining entry to a vehicle varies between different makes and models. This, coupled with the skill necessary to successfully gain entry, means you are very likely to damage your car if you try to break into it yourself. It is common for DIY entry attempts to cause damage to windows, window mechanisms, doors, door locks and paintwork.

In the worst-case scenario, you may need lock repairs or replacements and a replacement car key, or van key replacement. In the long run, this is likely to be more expensive and time-consuming than calling an auto locksmith in the first place.

Remember, you can call us for non-destructive vehicle entry as well as emergency car key replacements, car and van key replacements and spare keys. We provide solutions in Maidstone and Kent for all scenarios, not just keys locked in cars.

It Could Affect Your Insurance

If you do cause damage to your car, you probably won’t be able to claim for repairs. This is because intentional acts are not covered by auto insurance. Furthermore, if you make a claim and it is denied, this can raise the cost of your insurance in the future.

We would also like to advise our customers in Maidstone that some car insurance policies include key cover if your keys are lost or stolen, covering the cost of replacement car keys or van key replacements. However, you may need to purchase key cover separately and some policies will only cover theft of keys.

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