Emergency Car Key Replacement in Bexley | 4 Things You Should Know About Our Car and Van Locksmith Services

Our mobile auto locksmith services, including replacement car keys and van key replacements, are the reliable choice for fast and effective solutions. However, you should always research a company and their services before using them to ensure they are reputable and will solve the issue. As such, we have provided clear information regarding some of the things you will probably want to know when considering us for your emergency car key replacement or lock replacement in Bexley.

Our skilled technicians also help with keys locked in cars, so this page will help you make an informed decision about vehicle entry services as well. Of course, if you have any questions or require more information, please feel free to contact us.

The Cost

It is important you know how much a service will cost upfront so you know if you can afford it. At MSC, we tailor our services to individual needs because the work we carry out depends on factors such as the make and model of your car and whether or not you have a working key.

Consequently, prices are individual, so we provide a bespoke quote for all car and van key replacements in Bexley and Kent, as well as all other services. We are always happy to give you a free quote, which is often much cheaper than dealership prices.


MSC Auto Locksmith offers completely mobile services, meaning we will travel to you, wherever your key or lock related problem has happened. We provide replacement car keys, spare keys, vehicle entry and van deadlock installation on the spot. From retrieving keys locked in cars to cutting and programming new keys, we provide all the vehicle locksmith services you may need.

This includes 24/7 emergency car key replacements for when you just cannot wait.

Replacement Keys

Our technicians in Bexley can create replacement keys for nearly all cars and vans. In most cases, we can do this even if no existing keys are present. Our car and van key replacement services cover all types of keys because we have the equipment to program modern keys on our mobile units.

Your replacement car key will unlock your vehicle and start the engine, working exactly the same as the original.

Vehicle Entry

Our auto locksmiths use professional methods to gain entry to your vehicle, whether your keys have broken in the lock or are lost, or in the case of keys locked in cars. Our approach ensures no damage occurs to your car or van while getting you and our technicians into the vehicle as quickly as possible.

Non-destructive vehicle entry is a necessary part of many emergency car key replacements in Bexley and the surrounding areas, and our experienced team deliver highly efficient and reliable services every time.

For emergency car key replacements in Bexley and across Kent, call MSC Auto Locksmith on 01634 280555 or 07825 200980.