Car and Van Key Replacement in Medway | The Key Cutting Process

Our auto locksmiths arrive at your location in a state-of-the-art van, equipped with everything needed to cut and program a replacement car key or spare key. We offer a fast and convenient service, whether you have broken or lost the original, or simply need an extra key. With over 15 years of combined experience, our technicians are adept at decoding door locks, cutting key blades and programming transponders. We can even help retrieve keys locked in cars. On this page, we talk you through the general process we follow for car and van key replacements, including emergency car key replacements.

Our company covers all of Medway and Kent, so you can enjoy the friendly approach and skill of our technicians wherever you are in the county.

1. Door Lock Decoding

Each car lock has a unique code which you can find in the owner’s manual, or you can ask your dealership. If a code cannot be found, and if you do not have an existing key to hand, it is necessary to decode the door barrel or ignition. The code is essential for ensuring the new key matches the lock and works with your vehicle.

Decoding involves inserting a specialist tool into the door lock to determine the design, or code, of the internal mechanism. With this information, our auto locksmiths can cut a replacement car key which matches exactly.

Our expert decoding service, available in Medway and Kent, means we can create emergency car key replacements even if the original key is missing, or in the case of keys locked in cars.

2. Key Cutting

We cut car and van key replacements onsite. Once we have the code for your vehicle, we input it into our key cutting machine. This machine is highly precise, resulting in a quality key which operates just as smoothly as the original. It cuts both sides of the key in a matter of minutes.

Once the blade is cut, the key will unlock the vehicle and fit inside the ignition barrel. However, keys need programming before they will start the ignition, unless you have an old car with a traditional basic key.

3. Key Programming

The final stage is to program the transponder in your new key to work with the immobiliser in your vehicle and the remote central locking system. This requires the use of sophisticated equipment and software which we carry in our vans. Most vehicles manufactured since 1995 use transponder keys, so this is a vital step for most of our customers in Medway.

If you have your original key, we may be able to clone it to create a spare or replacement car key.

Other Services

At MSC Auto Locksmith, we don’t just provide emergency car key replacements and van key replacements. We are experts in non-destructive vehicle entry, meaning we can quickly gain entry to your vehicle if necessary. For example, we often provide this service for keys locked in cars.

We also offer lock repairs and replacements as well as van deadlock installation and key reprogramming.

Call 01634 280555 or 07825 200980 for car and van key replacements in Medway and Kent.