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Specialising in vehicle locksmith services, MSC offers a range of solutions regarding car and van keys and locks. Whatever your requirements, we are sure to have the answer to your problem. From cutting spare keys and replacing locks to improving van security, we do it all. On this page, you will find information about the additional services we provide alongside car and van key replacements and non-destructive vehicle entry. Our auto locksmiths work in the Sidcup, Bexley and Maidstone areas, and throughout Medway and Kent.

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Spare Keys

We can supply spare car keys for most vehicles, at a competitive price. Whether you need a second key for a used car, for general peace of mind, or at the same time as a main key replacement, we offer a convenient solution because we come to you. Our mobile key cutting and programming ensures a level of service far above a dealer.

You don’t have to take our word for it – read our testimonials to see what our customers think.

Lock Repairs and Replacements

Sometimes, a customer calls us because they currently have a different key for their car door, boot and ignition. This could be because a previous owner has replaced one lock. To resolve this issue, we recode your existing locks so you only need one key for all of them.

Our auto locksmiths in Bexley, Maidstone, Medway and Kent can also help if your door lock is broken. Car locks consist of small mechanical parts which we can often repair or replace, meaning a full lock replacement is not necessary.

One of our experienced technicians will examine your vehicle lock and carry out repairs so it works like new. If we find locks are irreparable due to damage or vandalism, we can supply and fit replacement locks which work with your original key.

Van Security

For improved van security, we can fit van deadlocks. These are additional door locks, providing far more protection than just a standard lock. The deadlocks we fit have five levers and are both anti-drill and anti-pick. They also act as a visual deterrent, and we place them in the best possible location to help protect against van-specific attacks.

Deadlocks take around 1 hour each to fit, and we come to your location in Bexley, Maidstone, Medway or Kent to carry out this service.

Key Programming

Modern car and van keys have a unique ID code and a vehicle will only start if this code matches the code of the car. Consequently, when you need a spare or replacement car key, or van key, it is essential to program it to your vehicle. This is a service MSC Auto Locksmith carries out in our highly equipped vans.

You may also need reprogramming services if you lose your key, or it is stolen. In these cases, reprogramming new car keys may involve erasing the lost or stolen keys from the car’s system to ensure they will no longer work.

In addition, if there is a fault with your fob, transponder key or immobiliser, we can undertake reprogramming services to restore full functionality.

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